Retro Disk Reader

Hay Folks!

I don't know about you but I love me some retro looking tech. After making my retro PC model I had an urge to keep making old stuff and so here is a retro disk reader for you to ogle.

There is something about pressing buttons and turning knobs that I really like. Don't get me wrong I love the convenience of our modern world and wouldn't change most of it for anything in the world. But I do miss those little rituals of plugging things in, turning them on, waiting for them to warm up and then finally getting started on the job at hand. maybe its the child in me that still want to drive a spaceship and have lot's of cool buttons and switches to flip.

So if you need this in your life please feel free to visit my shop at 3Docen and grab yourself a retro disk reader to make your tummy feel all warm and fuzzy.